charging battery for the first time

How long does the battery needs to be charged for the first time on macbook pro 15.

QA Rechargeable Battery MacBook Pro

QA Rechargeable Battery MacBook Pro

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    Just plug in your ac adapter and use the computer. Ensure the battery if fully charged before using it on battery power and let it drain all the way down before the next charge. From then on, use the battery about once a week till it is all the way down and you are getting those "Save your work now" messages" and let it charge all the way up again. You can use the computer while it is charging. All of this is from the a recent Genius Bar appointment where they told me my battery was failing for lack of use and that it had a very low number of cycles on it and that was not good for it.

  • Mine took roughly 2 hours to charge straight out of the box.