Do I need to pay for an internet service or will this take the place of it?

I am moving and need to find a new source of internet, my question is that if i buy this, will i be able to just use this for my internet or will i still need to find an internet provider?

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    No, you will need an internet provider.

  • Yes, you will still have to get a internet provider as the AirPort Express is like a router which sends your internet wirelessly to all your remote devices. The internet provider will give you a modem, then you plug in a Ethernet Cable to it and the AirPort Express and away you go. If you have a iMac you can use the AirPort Utility App: to set it up. (Finder-Applications-Utilities-AirPort App)

  • You need an internet service. It will come with a modem that will possibly already have WiFi capability - mine from Comcast does. In this case, AirPort Express will extend your WiFi, allow you to connect iTunes to your hifi, etc.