Does it supply wifi if i have no computer - I have only an iphone and ipad? I live in a rural area and need wifi for my iphone and ipad .

  • Asked by fn from Troutville
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    Yes and no- it depends heavily on what exactly you mean by 'WiFi'.

    The AirPort Express WILL generate a wireless network that can be used by your iPhone and iPad, and could be used by any other device with a wireless card or that could be connected to its wired connection. If you're looking to use it to send music to a stereo, create a network to hook an AppleTV to in order to use AirPlay from your devices, transfer files between apps that allow a WiFi transfer- it will do that just fine on its own.

    BUT- if you are looking at a way to get internet access, the Airport Express WILL NOT generate this on its own. You will need some form of boradband connection (cable, DSL, etc.) to connect the AirPort Express to. From there, its WiFi connection would allow your iPhone and iPad (and anything else) to get on to the internet. The Airport Express can best be thought of as a way to SHARE an internet connection, not a way to generate one.

    • Answered by Robert B from Lexington
  • Yes it will! To perform the initial setup you will just need to download and use the "Airport Utility" app, which is available for free on the app store. No worries though, it's easy! Make sure you have the app on your iPhone or iPad and follow the in-box instructions. Support is also available here on the Apple website.

    • Answered by Aaron C from Stockton
  • This only takes a broadband connection and makes it available through wifi. This device does not supply wifi out of the air like a mobile hotspot. If you have an iPhone you may want to look into adding on the hotspot feature through your cell provider.
    If you do have a broadband connection (on such as provided by your phone, dsl, or cable company), then yes this will provide wifi from that wired connection.

    • Answered by Davidson B from Baldwin
  • Yes, it does on an I-Device you have to go in settings and wifi and it'll say on the bottom your router then set it up.

    • Answered by Robert S from Montreal
  • Yes it does. You can install the airport utility app free from the app store so you can use your phone or ipad to set it up. It will provide the same things as if you did have a computer with it.

    • Answered by Rebecca S from Crystal Lake
  • yes, it looks like you can set up the express using your iPhone or iPad

    • Answered by Joshua G from Deland