Does the smart cover from an iPad Mini 4 fit the new iPad Mini gen 5?

  • Asked by John F from Melbourne

4 Answers from the Community

  • It attaches the same and it'll work to protect your iPad Mini 5 screen but it's not a perfect fit. In the closed position, the Mini 4 Smart Cover overhangs the right edge of the Mini 5 by about 2-3mm. it's noticeable visually and when holding, you feel the edge of the smart cover. The Mini 5 Smart Cover, on the other hand, sits flush with the right edge. When holding, you feel the iPad and not the edge of the cover.

    • Answered by Jason C from Issaquah
  • The Smart Cover for iPad mini 4 was engineered to work with the Smart Case (a two-part solution they tested, that has since been discontinued). The Smart Cover Generation 4 overhangs the iPad mini 4 the same way if you use it without the Smart Case. It's one of those little things that is off just enough to be annoying. Very Grateful Apple updated the design for Smart Cover Generation 5

    • Answered by Richard J. D from Dover
  • Compatibility iPad Models iPad mini (5th Generation) iPad mini 4

    • Answered by John S from Ypsilanti
  • Yes the Smart Cover fits both, but if you have the old Smart Folio Cover, the cut-outs don’t line up.

    • Answered by Derek J