How closely matched does a replacement drive have to be? Can a drive be identical in size but different speed (access time / rpm)?

  • Asked by fn from Fairfield
  • Asked about:  PROMISE Pegasus2 R8 RAID System

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    Being as this is either configured as RAID 5 (factory) or RAID 6 (user) you need to make sure that the drives are identical. Using non spec, non enterprise grade drives compromises the integrity of the RAID. Using a RAID 5 configuration, you can rebuild the RAID if one disk fails. It takes about a day to rebuild the RAID. If you lose another drive while rebuilding the RAID, ALL of the data is lost. RAID 6 allows for a 2 drive failure, at the expense of capacity. The best bet is to order replacement drives from Promise.

    • Answered by Anthony A from Loveland