How do I set up Airport Extreme as BOTH a Switch AND Wireless Access Point?

My Comcast Modem is a Motorola SBG6580 which is a combination modem/router. I have a password protected LAN connecting both wired and wireless devices. In my office I want to install an Airport Extreme connected to the Motorola with a CAT 6 cable, and then cable-connect my iMAC to the Airport Extreme, AND use the Wireless capability of the Apple Extreme to connect iPhone and IPad.
The Apple Extreme would function as a switch for the connecting the iMAC to the LAN, and as an Access Point for the wireless devices. Can this be done? How do I navigate the setup choices?

  • Asked by fn from San Francisco
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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  • If you want the Airport Extreme to create a wireless network and also use the LAN ports to hard-wire devices to it, you just set it up like a normal router: Select "create wireless network" and complete with your choice of SSID/password. Once you fill out all the information to create a wireless network, the Airport Extreme will restart and after that you can use it as a switch with the hardwired devices.

    • Answered by Mitchell W from Athens