how many devices does airport time capsule support

I am planning to buy a 2tb time capsule....We use 13 devices iMac iPhones iPads etc. can it support all our devices and can we stores all our photo and movie files and access them remotely. Can we stream movies from time capsule to tv.

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AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    It shouldn't have a problem supporting them. The only way to access and store data is through a Mac or PC running Windows 7 or later I believe. Macs use Time Machine to automatically back up all your data to the Time Capsule. I got one for Christmas for my brother and I to use and what's also nice is you can restore your Mac to any point in time since it makes separate back ups every time it backs up. What really determines the performance of your network also depends on your internet provider and loading speed. We're running a 50mb/s connection from Time Warner Cable and all our devices work just fine. We have two wireless printers, a PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, two MacBooks, three Dell laptops, an AppleTV three iPhones, and three iPads. We don't use these devices all at once but when we all use it at once, our network works just fine. You could have the world's best router, but if you have a slow connection from a bad provider, it's still going to be slow. And as far as streaming to your AppleTV, you're all set. The Time Capsule and Airport Extreme base stations are high- end wireless routers.

    • Answered by Jesse H from Clarence Center