If I have a windows laptop, do I have to/ can I set the airport extreme 2013 up with my ipad? Or will Airport utility be available for Windows 7?

I have a Windows 7 laptop, and my current router, a Linksys WRT110, isn't cutting it. It constantly drops signals/ crashes, and I will need my own router (the linksys is my parents') when I move out. I am trying to decide between this, and the new Asus router, but I heard that Airport utility 6.0 and later aren't compatible with Windows.
Is it going to be compatible in the future?
Can I use Utility 5.6.1 with the 2013 Airport extreme?
Can I setup the airport extreme with the Utility app on my iPad?

  • Asked by fn from Archbold
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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    You can of course use the Airport Extreme as a normal WiFi router but other have mentioned that Apple support confirmed that you cannot currently configure the Airport Extreme using Windows. Nor can you using Airport Utility 5.6.1 on a Mac for that matter since it requires Airport Utility 6.3 or higher.

    You can however use your iPad so long as it is running iOS 6.0 or higher using the Airport Utility app.

    • Answered by Alfred D from Chicago