Is the speed of the Wi-Fi limited to 100mbps if i use the 10/100 mbps wan port to connect to the internet?

Hello all,

I plan on using this router in my college dorm, which offers wi-fi speeds of around 150mbps. Will the speed of the Wi-fi be limited to a maximum of 100mbps when I connect an ethernet cable from my modem to the wan port? In other words, will the speed of the wifi and therefore my connection to the internet be limited by the slower ethernet input ( 10/100 input port)/

Sorry if this is an obvious or previously answered question, and thanks for your help!

  • Asked by fn from Kensington
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  • Your WiFi network will operate at whatever max speed it can, based on the type of WiFi you choose, local interference, distance between your devices, etc. So if you have two computers on the WiFi talking to each other, all is good.

    However, when a computer wants to access the Internet, it will be limited by the max rate of your Internet connection.

    • Answered by Paul N from Ottawa