Running Mac Sierra 10.12.3 on 2012 iMac. Would like to upgrade to OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Will this work?

  • Asked by fn from Fair Oaks
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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  • You will not be able to "downgrade" to OS 10.6.

    You could try installing a clean version of OS 10.6 to a fresh partition (either on an internal HD or an external HD).
    However, most likely the installer will not work.

    My experience is that if a Mac was originally sold with OS 10.8 or later, one cannot "install" OS 10.6 later on.

    But that does not mean OS 10.6 will not run. Find an older Mac, install to a fresh partition (about 12GB in size) and update right away to OS 10.6.8. Then either make a DMG and "RESTORE" the DMG to a partition on your Mac OR if you installed to a partition on an external HD, connect the external to your Mac and start up from it. Snow Leopard may run then.

    In 2013, I bought a refurbished 2011 iMac from Apple. It came with 10.8. (The original 2011 iMac was released with OS 10.6.) The installer for OS 10.6 would not work as I thought it would. So I used my old 2006 iMac to install to a fresh partition, made a DMG and restored to a partition on the refurbished iMac. Snow Leopard runs perfectly on the refurbished iMac.

    By using partitions, my iMac can currently start up in OS 10.6, OS 10.8, OS 10.11 or OS 10.12. I need OS 10.6 to use my scanner (no decent drivers available for later versions of OS X). OS 10.8 is used to run my old software that I can't afford to upgrade. OS 10.11/OS 10.12 is used to test newer software and experience the latest developments from Apple.

    • Answered by Ewald W from Vancouver