Can I stream movies from my iPad to AppleTV?

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    Becarefull though! HBO GO for instance, will not work. It is programmed to recognize the HDMI connection and disable the app!

    • Answered by Adam D from Avondale Estates
    • 20/09/2012
  • Hello David,

    You can do it with web streaming for sure, if you have your movies in iTunes you will be able to stream them to AppleTV as well. You have to click on new icon which appears on right bottom conner.


    • Answered by Viktor V from Stuttgart
    • 27/09/2012
  • Yes, You can do this via airplay and as long as you have Wi-Fi

    • Answered by Billy P
    • 25/09/2012
  • Absolutely! Not only movies, but any content, including photos, can be streamed from your iPad to AppleTV. IMO, that is the best AppleTV feature. Apple calls it "mirroring". Double-click your iPad's home button and look for the AppleTV icon at the bottom of the screen. You may need to scroll right.

    • Answered by James S from Irvine
    • 1/10/2012
  • Yes

    • Answered by Stewart H
    • 29/09/2012