does apple still make the 1st gen ipad

just wanna know that apple still makes the 1st gen ipad, cause i dont wanna have the top of the line ipad of todays era, i just want the 1st gen cause i think it would be easy to use and i dont matter if the HD screen is badder to todays ones, and just asking again, does the 1st gen ipad come with the camera???

Jeorme Kelly

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    No it does not have the Camera. pros and cons of the three ipads.
    1st gen: pros cheap,
    Cons. discontinued by apple, low ram (265mb), slow boot up.
    2nd gen: pros more ram then 1st gen 512mb, camera built in for facetime or skype calling, dual core A5 chip, apple Still supporting.
    Cons, price,
    3 gen Pros bright retina display, more ram 1gb, better camera,
    Cons expensive,

    ok heres what i think from a buyers point of view the ipad 1 is discontinued but you might find a used one for little to nothing if the camera is a must have then go for the ipad 2 if not the ipad one is good if ram is a must go for the new ipad or the 2 gen. if screen res is a must go for the 3 gen ipad. The deciding factor for me would be two things price and if i need a camera on the ipad the retina display is nice but really not all that much of an upgrade seeing as that mainly all they fixed along side a few other features. but not enough of an upgrade. kinda like the iphone 4 to 4s seri was the only real upgrade to the iphone 4s so ya.I personally am going to get an ipad 1st gen. the Ipad 1vs 2, the only difference is the camera and the 512mb vs the 256, the res is the same and the look is the same I think they made the back flat on the 2nd gen verses the rounded back on the 1st gen also the 2nd gen comes in two colors whit e and black and the 1st gen only comes in black. So personally I would go for what you can afford if I had the money I would go for a 2nd gen ipad but dont really need it for the camera. Also another factor is what are you doing with the device if you play games all the time then the ram will be an issue if web surfing and mail is the maine deal then 1st gen will be fine.If you do a lot of video content like youtube you will be fine and if reading is what you do then first gen is good only reason to get the second over the first is the camera and gaming. hope this helps good luck buying

    • Answered by Davis D from Auburn
    • 2/05/2012