Should I get the white iPad or the black one?

Im planning to get a new iPad. A bit confused between the colors. Which of the 2 colors looks better ? I have also heard that white colored iPad becomes yellowish after few months.

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    I would go for the black one because, even though the white is chic, in the long term the black is a nice solid color and will not go a weird color. Well unless you spray paint it. Or paint it. But then again if you're just going to cover it it doesn't matter what color you get. Anyways, the choice is ultimately you're preference, but I would tend to lean towards the black.

    I hope I helped answer your question and good luck with your new iPad, no matter what color you get!

    • Answered by Daniel S from Houston
    • 23/04/2012
  • I have a white iPod touch, and have had it for 6 months, and it does not turn yellowish. Although you can notice dust on it more easily than a black one, it looks very appealing to look at. The white color is more for aesthetics.

    • Answered by Max K from Beaumont
    • 10/04/2012
  • I have the white iPhone 4S and white iPad...I agree, it's the aesthetics.

    • Answered by Jacqueline U from Potomac
    • 13/04/2012
  • You should get the black one

    • Answered by Janice A from Plantation
    • 25/08/2013
  • White

    • Answered by Carolyne M
    • 24/03/2012