Can I buy the I phone 5 unlocked and use it with any service provider

I would like to buy the I phone 5 unlocked but I'm not sure if it for sale yet to buy unlocked at the apple store

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    it will only work with quad-band providers (ATT, most European providers) not CDMA (Verizon, sprint)

    • Answered by Robert B from San Francisco
    • 9/01/2013
  • yes it is and can work anywhere

    • Answered by Jibrin A from Waxahachie
    • 10/12/2012
  • Yes, if you buy a GSM factory unlock phone

    • Answered by Smehl G from Hagatna
    • 13/04/2014
  • I want a phone and not be in a contract with any provider. I may take to be out of US. How much?

    • Answered by Roger M from San Francisco
    • 7/02/2014