can i use a sprint cdma iphone 4s in gsm countries in europe?

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    • Answered by Salah A
    • 30/08/2012
  • Maybe. My wife has an iphone 4s from sprint, and I put a German SIM in it but it seems that sprint had locked the phone so you probably need to deal with their customer service before you go to Europe.

    • Answered by Andrew C from Menlo Park
    • 2/07/2013
  • If its CDMA, it only runs on CDMA Based Carriers. For Example, you can't take a Sprint iPhone, have it unlocked and put it on AT&T or T-Mobile. They are GSM. So you would have to get an unlocked GSM iPhone to go to Europe.

    • Answered by Christopher D from Huntington Station
    • 4/07/2013