can siri use a female voice in britain

Are we in Britain, really limited to a male Siri voice ?

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    Yes sorry.

    • Answered by Nicow M from Los Angeles
    • 12/06/2012
  • I know it's not the same but try the Australian English voice. It's the best substitute.

    • Answered by Patrick T from Tampa
    • 28/09/2013
  • yes, you're limited to a male voice if you are using UK english as the language.

    i don't have an iPhone myself, so i wouldn't know if it's possible, but check if there is any way you can change the language to US english, that gives you a female voice, but some american words like trunk (car boot) and hood (car bonnet) are different to the british language.

    • Answered by Sam R
    • 26/08/2012
  • As from today you can. Just noticed this morning it is now available for English - UK as well.

    • Answered by Navod W
    • 16/01/2014