Could you please list features for iPhone use by blind people.. Money is an issue, so witch would be the best phone without unnecessary features? Rog

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    There's a lot of features for use by blind people- there's VoieOver, which will read you everything on the screen and reads text as you're typing it. There's also Dictation, which will help you speak to type. You can use a refreshable braille display that uses Bluetooth to read VoiceOver output in braille. The iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4 work with pretty much any wireless braille display. You can also assign distinguishable vibration or ring tones for different contacts. Last, the iPhone does come with EarPods with a remote/mic, so that you can just press a button to start dictating to the iPhone. Since these features come with every iPhone Apple sells, you can get them for the best price with the iPhone 4 at the moment.

    • Answered by Janna P from Clackamas
    • 14/01/2013