Does the iPhone 5c come in white front, and black?

My iPhone 4 is black. I'm looking into the 5c. I'm tired of looking at black front. So does the iPhone 5c have white front?

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    Unfortunately, no. While the back of each 5c phone is a different color, the front of all of them is black.

    • Answered by Christopher W from Northridge
    • 24/09/2013
  • No but you can get a white replacement screen but that's only if you quite desperate...
    I would recommend a white screen if your screen smashes but otherwise just stick with black.

    • Answered by Niamh H
    • 3/11/2013
  • Nope, only black front, and no black back.

    • Answered by Justin S from Clive
    • 25/09/2013
  • it comes in a black front but im not sure about white

    • Answered by Esha B
    • 1/02/2014