I have I phone 5 what adapter do I need to connect it to my tv

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    You need the $49 Lightening Digital AV Adapter. Search this term in the Apple dot com webpage search bar near the top-right corner to find out more!

    • Answered by Brendan V from Milwaukee
    • 23/08/2013
  • From my experience (using the Apple TV since the day the first one was released), I feel that the mirroring function isn't as good as the cable used to connect the iPhone 5 to the tv (iPhone 5 to HDMI cable). It is cheaper, less laggy and in my opinion doesn't have much of a definition quality difference to the Apple TV mirroring function.

    • Answered by Chirag B
    • 17/09/2013
  • Instead of an adapter, using the mirroring feature associated with Apple TV will be the easiest way.

    • Answered by Sam M from Canton
    • 12/09/2013
  • The best way to connect your iOS devices to the TV is by using Apple TV. With the help of "airplay", you can literally see anything that is seen on your iOS devices.

    • Answered by Irshad R from Cairns
    • 10/09/2013
  • Do you have Apple tv? If so just airplay it..

    • Answered by Adam J from Gardena
    • 14/09/2013
  • There are a few different ways to connect to your TV. The VERY BEST way to connect is through an AppleTV which will cost a pretty reasonable $99. With the AppleTV you can connect wirelessly via AirPlay and have whatever is on your phone (or iPad, or Mac) appear on your AppleTV making it a huge monitor for your iOS/OSX device. You could use an Apple "Composite AV cable" ($39) but for just a bit more the AppleTV gives a far better experience and lots more functionality. You can even go the refurbished route and get one for $75 (as of today 9/13). Just get one, it will be the best $ you spend this month (unless you get a new iPhone)

    • Answered by Terry A from Wichita Falls
    • 13/09/2013