If I go from Apple 4 to Apple 5 how many G should I get? I have 13+G on the Apple 4 and are using 7+ of them.

I have some music and pictures on it, but after listening to your Setpember event video (all 2 hours!) I would be using the new phone alot more. Plus I play games!

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    From what your stating you may be better suited to a 32Gb phone. If your currently using 7GB on your phone and plan to be using the new one a bit more (and the games are getting bigger in size as the graphics are getting better!) then I would go for the 32Gb in your position.

    I have owned a 64Gb iPhone 4s and I found that I had not even used half of that and it included having a few movies on there to watch as well.

    Hope this has helped :-)

    • Answered by Gary H
    • 20/09/2012