if i need an iphone for email, text and calling would the 5c be good enough and give me my email right away

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    Yes Stacey...your email will either come in immediately ( using your icloud email account) or it can check every 15 or 30 mins, hourly or manually - meaning you tap the mail app and it goes and updates your email for you.

    The 5c is a very good phone - no worries!

    • Answered by Cindy A from Bear Creek Township
    • 24/09/2013
  • Yes, the iPhone 5C is capable of all those functions. However, to receive email wherever you are, you will need to have your iPhone activated on a plan that includes data.

    • Answered by Greg W from Kanata
    • 23/09/2013
  • The iPhone 5C is a very good and capable phone even for more complicated tasks that you may do. Email, texting, and calling will be a breeze. You could also do a lot of great games on the phone. The iPhone 5C is a very good phone and could still be used by even a power user.

    • Answered by Judy H from Chattanooga
    • 23/09/2013
  • Yes! You can use the email client that you are already using easily on the iphone. The speed to which you receive it depends on your wifi or data connectivity.

    • Answered by Victoria M from Columbus
    • 23/09/2013
  • Yes.

    • Answered by Atina M from Chicago
    • 30/09/2013
  • Yes. Same brains as the iPhone 5 (not to be confused with the 5S), so lots of power. Just different appearance.

    • Answered by Michael R from Edmond
    • 23/09/2013
  • Yes, the iPhone 5c works amazing with email. Just sign in with your email and you'll be set.

    • Answered by Hulio L from Yorba Linda
    • 23/09/2013
  • Yes.
    Apple's built-in Mail app alerts you when you receive a EMail automatically. No having to go in and refresh.
    This is also included the iPhone 5C.

    • Answered by Revital J from Acworth
    • 30/12/2013