If I set up the new iPhone 5s for my thumb print, can I also set it up for my wife's print, in order for her to use it while I am driving?

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    Yes, you can set up to 5 fingerprints (They can all be for different people).

    • Answered by Aous M
    • 28/09/2013
  • Yes, you can enter up to five fingerprints into Touch ID. The iPhone 5S also uses a backup passcode (a four-digit number). You can tell her you passcode so she can unlock your phone or you can have her enter her fingerprint into Touch ID so she can unlock you phone.

    • Answered by Kristina L from Laurel
    • 26/10/2013
  • yes, touch iD supports multiple fingers (about 5)

    • Answered by Mac B from Barrington
    • 1/10/2013
  • Yes, you can set up multiple fingerprints. It doesn't matter if there from a single person or multiple people.

    • Answered by Jeremy M from Elkhart
    • 26/09/2013
  • Yes. Note that sometimes iPhone will ask for the device's password anyway, such as on power-up or when reading the fingerprint is not successful, so she might need to know that (the password), too.

    • Answered by David B from San Jose
    • 26/09/2013
  • Yes, you can have up to five fingerprints on the 5S. If you would not like to have a finger print you can always just tell her your password, because you always have the option for a passcode.

    • Answered by Corey B from Pinnaroo
    • 13/11/2013