iPhone and hearing aids what is your experience?

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    I bought a hearing aid for my right ear as I was hearing garbled voices in that ear, but I don't use that ear for listening to calls anyway. The voices still aren't loud enough. I have lost 80% hearing in my right ear.

    • Answered by Martin H from Eastampton
    • 31/05/2014
  • I wear a hearing aid, and have no problem. When I need to, I use the speaker button, and keep the phone about 6-8 inches away from my ear.

    • Answered by Alvin W from Little River
    • 21/11/2015
  • I have a miracle ear hearing aids. my iPhone 5 can not find it when it performs a search.. what can I do

    • Answered by Roslyn S from Avon
    • 2/09/2014