Is it bad to leave a iPhone 5 charging all night?

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    Not at all, this will in no way harm your iPhone. It's also a good thing to remember to completely shut it down from time to time - it's like a reset.

    • Answered by Rob T from Calgary
    • 10/01/2013
  • now its not apple has designed it so it will not take any more charge when charged that is why you can leave it in the computer

    • Answered by Louis W
    • 10/01/2013
  • Of course not... And what is mentioned above about electron flow is completely wrong!! The iphone battery is just like a glass of water... You fill it up until it is full. And then any excess water will just not go in! The battery will be full of charge and the wire will be useless until removed and plugged in again, thats when a few electrons escape and might recharge again!! Williamsberg, sorry bro but what you wrote is very wrong! Cheers!

    • Answered by Jamil G
    • 24/06/2014
  • Yes, it is harmful to the battery's longevity, leaving any phone plugged in for long periods of time lets the battery become used to having a constant flow of electrons. So that when you take it off the charger the charge will not last as long

    • Answered by Aaron A from Williamsburg
    • 8/06/2014