is the iphone 5s water resistant like the samsung galaxy s5 ?

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    No, the iPhone 5s is not water resistant, however if you want to use your iPhone in a way that is involved with water (video cam, camera, underwater), there are quite a lot of brands that sells underwater casing. One of the good ones is Lifeproof case.

    • Answered by Albert K
    • 22/07/2014
  • No, not really.

    I did however drop my 5S into a toilet (no floaties) for about 10 seconds. I pulled it out,cleaned and dried it off and placed it in a ziplock baggie full of rice for a day or so, and after a series of inoperable features with sound, etc., it work 100% now.

    I recommend a waterproofing by a company called Liquipel. I live in Thailand, but aware of a location in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. There should be locations in the States as well.


    • Answered by Louis B from Tsim Sha Tsui
    • 21/09/2014
  • Sadly no

    • Answered by Boss S from New York
    • 10/09/2014
  • I would recommend life proof as the case is waterproof and dust and drop and snow i would recommend as i used this for my 5s and awaiting for the release for the 6 or 6 plus for other users cannot comment on the price just yet as it still awaiting for the case to be released on there website. Not too sure on otter box cases even though these cases are best to date and as for the market its all down to personal choices. good luck on your chosen case.

    • Answered by Peter H
    • 30/09/2014