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Does Apple make a SuperDrive with a blue ray DVD drive?

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    No it doesn't and probably never will. People have been asking for it ever since it came out but Apple long decided that online streaming is the future. I would love for them to put in blu ray but I highly doubt they ever will.

    • Answered by John H from Quapaw
    • 24/03/2012
  • Steve Jobs called blu-ray "a bag of hurt". No Mac ships with a blu-ray drive, nor is one available from Apple. They are available aftermarket, but even if you get the drive there are precious few (1 or 2) programs to view the blu-ray movies. Apple prefers to showcase the advantages of streaming/downloadable movies (preferably obtained through iTunes!)

    • Answered by Greg S from San Antonio
    • 24/03/2012
  • Not by default, but I think you could get an external Blu-Ray drive for the Mac. Don't listen to the "probably never will" rubbish as Apple probably WILL.

    • Answered by Kelly Y from Renton
    • 23/04/2012