Best way to charge Retina MBP

The MBP (Retina) comes with a two prong adapter and a 3 prong extension cable. Is it best to always use the 3 prong when you can?

Should I plug it into a surge protector when possible?

Is it recommended to let the machine die entirely, or close to it, before plugging it in, and then don't unplug it until it is fully charged?

What could be the adverse affects if one doesn't follow the recommendations?

1 Answer from the Community

  • It's always good to use a surge protector for any consumer electronics devices but short of that, there aren't any other right or wrong ways to use your mac.

    I've had many macs and I just plug it in when it's handy or when I'm low on juice but you don't need to worry about plugging and unplugging while the machine is on or off.

    • Answered by Jorge L from San Francisco
    • 3/07/2012