Can I use my old PC keyboard with a Mac mini?

I love macs, and the desktops are fairly priced, but the keyboard and mouse cost between 50 and 90 dollars each. I already shelled out for a wireless (USB reciever) keyboard and mouse, but now I want to upgrade to a mac and I have a really tight budget. Can I just use those on my new Mac, or do I have to buy an Apple keyboard and mouse?

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    Yes you can use your own keyboard, mouse and monitor with the Mac mini. I was also tight on money so bought the Mac Mini for this reason. The only drawback is that you don't have the simplicity of the mac logo command key, which is different than my Dell keyboard.
    I think I will get the wireless bluetooth Mac keyboard soon and see how that goes.

    • Answered by Donna C from Irvine
    • 3/10/2011
  • ANYTHING works, you can have a dell monitor, an acer mouse, and a hp keyboard and a mac mini. "it just works" (so so)

    • Answered by Jeffrey D from Ellicott City
    • 26/07/2012
  • I don't have a mini, but just bought a logitech wireless (USB) for my macbook pro.
    the windows key is the same as the command/apple key, so for copy you use windows+c, and so on. Even the screenshot shortcuts work... the keys are all there, but you might want to play around with them.
    If you can connect a USB, it should work. :) The key locations are a bit different, but I'm finding that I can relearn these combos quickly!

    Note that I have a bluetooth keyboard -- wore the old one out (about 18 months), and the new one is very laggy -- the buffer couldn't keep up with my typing, so opted for the USB.

    • Answered by Nancy H from Grand Rapids
    • 19/12/2013