Does the MacBook Pro heat up much when you use it on your lap? How about the MacBook Air?

My old MacBook is biting the dust. I use it primarily at home for websurfing, emailing, etc. I have a workhorse large GB desktop HP Windows that we do most of the heavier stuff (photo editing and storage, occasional excel stuff, kids' games). I'm torn between getting an ipad plus keyboard (hate typing on touchscreens), 13" macbook air, or 13" macbook pro (or, honestly, a windows laptop). I'm currently leaning toward the MBP but when I saw it in the store it seemed a lot heavier than my old MacBook. I actually use my laptop on my lap quite a lot and am wondering... does the MBP heat up much with continued use? I'm used to having 6 or 8 safari windows open simultaneously on my laptop. Also, with the ipad plus keyboard... are people happy with this configuration for typing long emails? I don't do much real heavy work on my laptop but do a lot of email/writing word docs so do need something that's easy to type on. Also... Garage Band... the idea intrigues me, not that I'll ever actually get around to learning it, but is it any better on the ipad vs. macbook? Supposedly you can plug a midi keyboard or electric guitar into ... the ipad? Or either?

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    I love just about everything about my (Late 2011 15-inch 2.2 GHz i7) MBP, *except* for the fact that I find it nearly unusable on my lap, due to the heat levels generated when my computer's doing any reasonable amount of work. I was forced to get a lap tray/workstation to use on my lap, in order to be able to continue to use the laptop in that capacity. It's not just distracting: it's painfully, unusably hot.

    With the laptop tray, I'm happy as can be, though. The computer is great in every other way.

    • Answered by Kevin H from San Rafael
    • 1/06/2012
  • My response may be somewhat biased as I have made my mind up about the iPad, it's a nice toy. I won't go into the boring details of how I got there.

    My MBP is a beefier machine but the thing that sets the MBA apart is it's SS drive, everything pretty much happens in an instant, kind of like the iPAD.

    I haven't had any heat issues with the MBA and I keep various windows open in Safari plus spreadsheets and loaded MS Word docs and a heavy email client plus the email client that comes with OS X Lion.

    My rationale behind dumping the iPad and going with the MBA is that it has a real OS, built in keyboard, light, fast, capable and yes its nice to look at.

    • Answered by Ed P from Sydney
    • 13/04/2012
  • I am really disappointed in my new MBP 15" (non retina display, that has the spinning HD)... it heats up as badly as the 2003 17" I have. You would think in 10 years they could solve the problem. I assume it is because of the HD vs the Solid State Drives that are in the Retina models.

    • Answered by Jon C from Denver
    • 20/06/2013