i5 vs i7 for MacBook Pro 13''

I decided to buy a MacBook Pro 13''. Now I'm struggling with the decision which processor to choose. I don't do any high-end stuff, just use the internet, office applications, chatting and so on. Sometimes I play computer games like the Sims, so nothing too crazy.

I assume the i5 is propably enough for me. Do you see a reason to invest a little more money and get the i7 instead?

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    Yes the i5 will be more than enough for you. MORE THAN ENOUGH.

    • Answered by Fadil K from Chino Hills
    • 15/01/2012
  • Yes, since this power of graphics is not sufficient for a very high end gaming. it will perform enough for your daily needs. even some extensive mid range gaming would be possible. eg. Left for dead 2, portal 2, dirt 2(via bootcamp) etc.

    • Answered by Angelo Bryan P from Las Pinas City
    • 1/02/2012