macbook air 11" vs macbook air 13"

I am on the road constantly, so size and weight of a laptop is important. It will be used mostly for Office apps...powerpoint , excel, word and email. This is strictly for business, so no personal files and not a lot of large files, etc. Would you recommend the Macbook Air 11" or 13"?

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    For a road warrior such as yourself, the 11" would be best. High resolution (for that size screen), only weights 2.5lbs, and can be used inflight on a fold down tray (the 13" is a little tight for that...I know, I have one and I've tried it). Has plenty of power to run Office apps.

    If you want more screen space, you could always get a Thunderbolt display and dock it when you're home...that way you get the best of both portability and screen resolution.

    • Answered by Greg S from San Antonio
    • 24/03/2012
  • It depends on your eyesight, for some people, the 11-inch screen is just too small. They need at least an13-inch screen. The 13-inch includes an SD card slot and a larger battery.
    Otherwise, you can choose to have the same RAM, processor and SSD size in an 11-inch model as the 13-inch.
    The only other consideration is weight & size. The 13-inch is 33 x 23 cm and 1.35 kg while the 11-inch is 33 x 19 cm & 1.08 kg.

    • Answered by Peter E from Pakenham
    • 26/03/2012