Macbook air 13" vs MacBook pro 13"

Hi guys, i am a PC user switching over to Macbooks now.. Im in a hugee dilemma! i went to the store today and saw the 13 inch macboko pro and the macbook air....

macbook air has duo core i7 turbo boosted to 3.2ghz with 8gig memory and 256 SSD($1679.00) and the macbook pro had i7 turbo boosted to 3.6 ghz with 8 gig memory and 500GB regular hard drive(1429.00)....

i love how the air is compact and i can carry it with me anywhere but then i also like how the pro is a bit cheaper... i do prefer the SSD hard drive though over the regular one but i wanted to know does the macbook air run everything smoothly? like maybe autocad and photoshop and stuff. I will be downloading lots of music, movies and surfing the web and using it as my main computer to work on documents as well!

Please help me decidee!!!

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    Depends on your needs. If you have no an iPad cause you prefer to have all the feature of a laptop, Macbook air is perfect for you. Ultra portable is better in my bag,SSD memory(i've tested it on a friend of mine 11inch air) is like "Flash" the superhero;it turns on in a second and the web browser is so fast. I will buy a new macbook air 13inch with 256GB, maybe with 8Gb of ram cause it's not upgradable later...I'm just waiting for the new Mountain Lion realese avaible n few days. Looking forward it!

    • Answered by Niccolò F from Verona
    • 25/07/2012
  • I was a PC guy for many years; so was my wife. She bought a Macbook Pro a few years ago after her 4 year old PC quit working. I always had a very high end PC Laptop that was replaced every two years. So, I had the latest and greatest.

    We were both amazed at how great her Macbook Pro worked, so I bought a 13" Macbook Pro two years ago after I retired. I was an still am very happy with it. I lucked out and got a position as an Engineering Professor. So, I decided to get the new 15" Macbook Pro Retina, 16G, 700 plus Flash Drive. Absolutely amazing. As a Professor I need to run some "Windows" based software once and a while, so I run it with Parallels. It runs faster on my Mac than it does on a typical PC.

    I recently also invested in a 13" Macbook Air with all the trimmings. It's smaller and easier to carry around. Sometimes I need to make quite a hike to some of my classrooms. It also lasts all day, without a chance of running out of battery power. I'm also pursuing a Masters Degree, and that Macbook Air is a superstar for me. I use the Macbook Pro with a Thunderbolt Display when I'm at my desk. But when I move around, the Macbook Air is just too easy to pass up. It is just amazing.

    • Answered by Steven B from Lincoln
    • 27/09/2013
  • If I were you I would get the pro. I have the 13 retina Pro and love it. The reason I say that is that you can now by a 3rd party always put an ssd in the pro. They are dropping in price. If you can afford the retina of course I would get that. I just think that the pro because of the storage. You will be surprised how fast that actually goes away. You could buy the apple care with what you would save. They are all great machines so you can't go wrong with your choice. A mac should last you a long time if you take care of it. The air is a great choice to. Go with what will fit your needs the most. In my opinion the weight should not be an issue.

    • Answered by Rhonda S from Little Rock
    • 28/09/2013
  • You should get the Pro 13-inch.

    • Answered by Wu J
    • 4/09/2012