MacBook, MacBook pro or MacBook air

So like my pc got infected, and I'm tired of having to deal with windows problems and viruses so I'm giving Mac a try now. And I want to make a good choice/ decision on a laptop best suited for my needs, as I'm going to make this new computer my main computer. Frequent activities I do would be YouTube, facebook, msn , stickam as well as editing photos, and school assignments. And like I use these a lot, aside from homework :p and usually have all these programs run all at once, so I was wondering which would be best. Like I find the MacBook air simply cute, it's so tiny, but would it be able to handle the load? Or should I just go for a MacBook pro or MacBook instead? Because since this going to be replacing my previous computer, I want it to be more useful than just looks.

And are Macs really invincible as everyone make it seem against viruses? To the point where I don't need an antivirus program, and it'll do fine and dandy?

And how long do these laptop last? Like life expectancy wise? I'm currently going to school and as most people know, college students are poor, so I want this to be a long lasting investment. Thanks.

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    Go with the new macbook pro 13" i5. The step up to i7 isn't worth the extra money. The 13" is the best all round choice at this time. I think most people like the 13" size because of portability and desk top use combined. To me the 13" i5 is the best value overall. The macbook air is nice but not worth the money they are asking for it.

    • Answered by Ralph W from Kelowna
    • 7/07/2011
  • You sound like me lol your best bet is to go with the macbook pro simply because it has he capacity that fits your needs, although pictures and music only take up a minuscule of space. I have the 13" i5 processor 4gb 500gb (they have 320 too and even thats alot of space) And you to save a couple dollars in your pocket get iwork for papers/hw/ect because you can easily convert any pages document into a word document. Pretty sweet huh. I wish someone would have told me that before i bought BOTH -____- lol Anyways go with the pro. You wont regret. Btw the macbook air has is good weight and size wise but they do have to sacrifice some things like storage space and only one usb port. Lame. And the macbook is just old and ugly lol Macbook Pro all the way.

    • Answered by Demi H from Bronx
    • 13/05/2011
  • the best : macbook pro

    With the mac book air you can't make changes except replace flash storage.
    with the mac book pro you can changes as much as you like for example: ram ,memory ,battery it has a dvd player ,so long plane trips or just chillin at home you can watch any movie on dvd. and then you have MacBooks they are almost the sam as mac book pros but are made out of plastic and have a bottom that attracts dirts. so over all the best is the macbook pro.

    • Answered by James P from Newark
    • 16/04/2012
  • The best = MacBook Air 13"

    I have mine 80 GB MBA for 3 years and never had virus and works fine so far. I bought it refurbished at apple store. No difference from "new". It is exactly the same and you can save money!

    Its very light and thin, so you can carry it to school and everywhere. This is the most important thing for a laptop.

    If you need more memory like me, you can use an external HD. In my opinion, its waste of money to buy a 500 GB laptop.

    Good luck!

    • Answered by Alexandre M from Belo Horizonte
    • 14/12/2011
  • MacBook Air is the Ultimate Choice. Go to it directly or move around and come to it finally. I bought one recently and am madly, deeply in love with it. Every moment you spend with it is full of pleasure. Good luck.

    • Answered by Manav S
    • 31/10/2011
  • If your mobility is about walking around with the laptop in a backpack, opt for sturdy frame in the Pro. Else, the Air should work. No computer is invincible even one based on Unix. You are the key. yes, you need antivirus. PC and TVs last forever but that is not the point is it, how long can you resist the next new thing? :)

    • Answered by Peter M from Folsom
    • 19/03/2012
  • i am in the same boat but the ipad 2 (mine) has 3g. The air doesn't allow internet acess from anywhere. It's a tough call. Other option is ipad2 with wireless hard drive? Help

    • Answered by Sonia V from King Of Prussia
    • 27/11/2011