macbook pro or macboor air?

Hi! I am college student studying Information Technology. I am thinking of buying a macbook but i am confused whether to buy a macbook pro or macbook air.

I will be doing programming by using netbeans, visual studio and will be also using adobe software such as fireworks, photoshop, dreamweaver to create web designs and editing pictures. Other than that, i will be doing some basic stuffs like writing reports and using internet mainly facebook and for email.

I want a macbook which can perform the above programs more efficiently!
Thank You

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    With a Pro, you get more (performance, weight and drives) for your money. With an Air you get less (performance, weight and drives) for you money.

    If you are taking IT administration, the air is fine. If you are planning to program, I suggest the more powerful Pro. By a strict cost analysis, the base model 13" Pro gives you more for your money than the base model 11" or 13" Air. Do you want more for your money or an ultralight laptop? Since the base model 11" Air and base model 13" Pro are almost the same price, it is a matter of preference.

    MB Air - ultralight 2.6 to 3 pounds. 5 hours battery for 11", 7 hours battery for 11". SSD drive (fast). No CD/DVD drive. Current models now include advanced Intel i5 processors. Base graphics (Intel 3000 GPU) The SSD drives are small and expensive. In a laptop like the Air, an SSD drive lends more to portability than to performance. Not user upgradable

    MB Pro - 4.5 to 6.6 pounds. 7 hours battery life. standard or SSD harddrive. better CPU and graphics card. Standard or optional SSD harddrive. Standard DVD drive. 15" and 17" provide optional, top notch AMD Radeon graphics. User upgradable memory and harddrive.

    • Answered by Chris A from Norristown
    • 13/11/2011
  • I would recommend the MacBook Pro. The faster processor will help the Adobe programs run more smoothly.

    The MacBook Air will still run the programs, but not as well as the Pro.

    • Answered by Nicholas B from Dallas
    • 7/11/2011
  • I bought the 13" MacBook Air with the 256 GB SSD.
    Battery life is excellent and there are no moving parts.
    In my opinion, the MacBook Air is the most advanced computer.
    The need for a huge hard disk is disappearing in view of Cloud technology.

    • Answered by Matthew J. P from Jamaica
    • 1/10/2011
  • The guy saying macbook air... no. You will not want a macbook air for programming unless you are comfortable programming in VIM, VI, Nano or Emacs or other text editors. You have stated netbeans (my favorite IDE) which is memory intensive and utilizes the JVM. I use a macbook pro at both person (my own) and at work (provided). If you are using big software such as photoshop, fireworks etc. macbook air is not sufficient due to the restricted storage of 256 gb / 128 gb. You will also be compiling a bunch of code in college which means you're far better off having the additional CPU power. Also professors tend to provide cd's from the books they teach out of so the optical drive will be a plus on the macbook pro. Another thing I should mention is, in college I had installed several VM's / virtual machines on my laptop to run a virtual linux server as well as windows server so you will need the additional storage space.

    The company I work for just gave the entire development team macbook air as a reward for busting out a hackathon we recently accomplished over a weekend. I must say it's absolutely fast and bootup is very fast however my macbook pro does better when I'm coding software. So I own both macbook pro and macbook air.

    Other notes:
    I'm a professional programmer.
    My macbook pro is a 15" with i7, 512 GB SSD + 700GB HDD, 16GB ram, anti glare since I stare at it all day.
    Just got the macbook air and I'm already left with 40GB of storage after installing a few of my favorite games...

    Nerd on bro!

    • Answered by Jesse P from Sarasota
    • 4/03/2013