whats the difference between mac book air and just a mac book?

I am looking up mac books and I dont know which one is better for me..the mac book or mac book air?

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  • MacBook Airs are laptops optimised for size and portability. To achieve incredible portability, they lack many of the legacy PC interfaces and data storage technologies such in order to maximise size and weight.

    A MacBook Air uses high-speed SSD storage technology instead of conventional hard disks for primary storage. In addition, to minimize size, the only ports provided are USB ports, a Thunderbolt port, an SD card slot, and a headphone jack. However, with just these ports, the MacBook Air is able to connect to almost any display, network, or device with the appropriate cabe or adapter

    MacBook Pros are, for the most part, like regular laptops in that they have a greater range of ports and support integrated DVD drives and hard-wire networking without adapters.

    • Answered by Ronald H from Sherman Oaks
    • 12/10/2012