Which Mac is best for medical record storage?

I have a chronic illness and need a mac that is light weight, but has large storage capacity.

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    Documents without graphics take little space. It's up to you how big a hard drive you wish. If you will not access these records very often, the safest storage might be on several DVD's, with one set stored off site. Or use an on line service that has HIPAA quality encryption to assure confidentiality. More current records could be stored on your Mac's internal drive, best in the form of an encrypted disk image (.dmg)
    You can encrypt files via the Security control panel, or create the disk image in Disk Utility ( found in the Utilities folder in Applications). I store patient medical records as outlined.
    As to which Mac? A MacBook Air might meet most of your needs. You might find units manufactured before the most recent refresh at substantial savings.

    • Answered by David S from Foster City
    • 24/10/2011