What is the difference between this drone and the regular Mavic Pro? Just the color?

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo

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  • Yep. And NOT the same as the Platinum. This is actually a good deal even though its $1050 (reg mavic is $999) since it comes with an extra battery (normally $80). So actually cheaper by $30.

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    This is a combo package that includes a total of 3 intelligent flight batteries (two more than the grey model comes with), 5 additional sets of replacement propeller blades, and a carrying pouch. The info listed on the website is not accurate as it only lists two batteries but it is in fact 3.

  • The diffrences with the Mavic Pro alpine white combo and the Mavic Pro is the limited edition white color, it comes with 2 batteries compared to 1 battery like regular Mavic Pro. Other than that it’s the exact same drone with the stabilized 4k camera and 27 minute flight time.
    Just to inform you though you can go and buy the Mavic Pro alpine white combo on DJI’s official store website and get 3 batteries, 5 pairs of propellers, and a carrying bag for the same price of $1,049 which is a much better deal.

  • Firstly, it’s £1149 which includes x3 flight batteries, 10 props and an aircraft sleeve as standard extras in the price. The same package with the original Mavic would cost £132 more. Secondly, it’s an exclusive product only being sold by DJI and Apple and it’s a DJI limited edition. Added to that is a total colour change which does make it look like a totally different drone and unlike the new platinum model they have changed the colour on the remote controller too for the Alpine White model making the RC unique in the Mavic series. There won’t be many of these around and I can see it holding its price better in the future because of that exclusivity.

  • As owner of grey combo kit I see a difference in both $$ and elements in set. Looks like those are missing:
    - carry case - product/mavic-shoulder-bag
    - charging hub for 4 batteries one by one charging - /product/mavic-battery-charging-hub
    - car charger /product/mavic-car-charger
    - battery power bank adapter - useful 2 port x 2 Amps adapter - charge phone and remote from depleted batteries (10% always stays)
    so.. nice white set but missing some parts..