what kind of wireless download speeds can I expect to get from the current version Airport Extreme?

My hard wired iMac gets about a 9-10 Mbps download speed. my macBook (black 2006) gets about 8-9Mbps. My iPhone 4 is only getting about 2.5Mbps. i am currently using a Belkin 54G router from 2004 connected to comcast cable modem.

Refurbished AirPort Extreme Base Station

Refurbished AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    The latest AE support Final-n WiFi protocol. I have a previous version of AE which supports Draft-n. On my Macbook Pro, connected through 802.11n, I get about 144 Mbps between my MBP and my AE (this excludes your Internet speed, which is normally a bit slower than this). After some recent bandwidth tests, it's about 30% faster than wired 100 Mbps, and about 150% faster then your 54G, even with encryption enabled.

    Of course, to benefit from this, you'll need 802.11n enabled on your devices.