Whats the difference between Airport Time Capsule and Time Capsule?

What does Airport Time Capsule 3TB have to offer over Time Capsule 3TB?

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AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    All Time Capsules are Airport Time Capsules.

    Airport is the generic name for all of Apple's WiFi routers. Time Capsule is an Airport Extreme with a hard drive built in. Airport Extreme is the top of Apple's line of Airports; a very nice router and wireless access point with a shared USB port, an incoming Ethernet port, and three outgoing Ethernet ports. Airport Express is a somewhat more humble Airport with less range, a shared USB port and a shared headphone jack (for playing music from any Mac or iOS device on the network), one incoming Ethernet port and one outgoing Ethernet port.

    You can use any Airport to extend the wireless network. In other words, one Ethernet port from your Internet Service Provider's modem can connect to a Time Capsule. You could put an Airport Express in a different room within range of the Time Capsule, and configure it to join the Time Capsule's network. Now, you can connect a printer and some powered speakers (or your stereo) to the Airport Express, and your wireless network now reaches farther, since the Airport Express acts like a repeater, communicating between a more distant computer and the Time Machine.

    The Airport Extreme has more range than the Airport Express, but it doesn't have the shared headphone jack.

    And an Apple TV also can connect to your TV and/or stereo for playing content from any Mac or iOS device on the network.

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  • airport is with WIFI!

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