When I have guests I grant access to my WiFi. If I use a time capsule will they be able to see my stored files on the Capsule? Can it be block them?

When I have a guests I grant access to my WiFi network. If I use a time capsule will they be able to see my stored files on the Capsule? Can I stop them from seeing my files?

  • Asked by fn from Ann Arbor
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    There is an option within the Airport Utility to enable password protection on network drives. I recommend this option. If you enter the Airport Utility and edit the settings for the Time Capsule, the 5th tab, all the way on the right side saying 'Disks' is the one you want. There are 3 options: Grant access with device password, with disk password, and to specific accounts. Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Joey P from West Lafayette
  • Yes, you can have a guest network, with or without a password.
    Yes, you can block access to your Time Capsule and Files, or you can grant access via a password.
    The best part, set up is classic Apple, plug and play with logical, intuitive instructions. You don't have to be tech savvy to set it up.

    • Answered by Kevin C from Gilroy
  • Honestly even if you do nothing at all, the odds of this happening are slim to none, because it would require them knowing there was a disk, knowing how to connect to it, and then doing so intentionally, but as was already mentioned, you can modify who has access and how. There is also an option to create a guest network which means that other things on your primary network will not be available to those using the guest network. I assume this includes disk contents, though I'm not sure, but if you're concerned about access, this is probably a good idea anyway.

    • Answered by Matthew V from Everett