Will airport express make my iMac 11.2 wifi and be able to use iPad also or do i need an airport Extreme?

  • Asked by fn from Atchison
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AirPort Express

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    Jane, I believe the reason you haven't received an answer yet is that the ideas behind your question are confused.

    Yes, your iPad is arrives ready to work with wifi; however, your iPad requires an external wifi "network," composed of both a "modem" and a "router." A router is a switching device allowing more than one computer to access your modem at the same time. So, want really to do, Jane, is to add a router to your modem — not to your iMac.

    With a router, your modem can share access with another device, such as your iPad (though not your iPhone, which uses something else, i.e., not a modem, to connect to the Web).

    As a bonus, your new router will allow you to print wirelessly from your iMac -- though not from your iPad (unless you buy special software turning your iMac into a print server for your iPad, another topic altogether).

    Apple offers three routers that might work for you. One is the AirPort Express. Another is the AirPort Extreme. And a third is the Time Capsule. (The Time Capsule also has a hard drive built right in to make backups from your iMac easier, and, if you ever swap out your iMac for a MacBook Air, you'll definitely appreciate that feature.)

    But you'll definitely need to visit your local Genius Bar for personal guidance on the best choice from your three Apple options for your particular situation.

    In my own case, for example, I use an AirPort Extreme router hooked directly to my cable modem, and use print server software to print wirelessly from my iPad. But that may not be the best way for you to go. Check your Genius Bar first!!

    • Answered by Sandy U from Appling