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    Excellent storage, but at a premium price

    • Written by Jukka L from SAVONLINNA

    My Pegasus 8 TB drive is close to a perfect storage solution: very fast, reliable and safe. One of the very few problems (besides the high price) is the annoying running noise that it makes, so I have placed it on a low shelf, out of sight, with a long cable. The other big problem is that the unit loses data connection with the Mac, whenever a cell phone is placed in close vicinity. Of course, this also makes OS X go berserk, accusing me of ejecting the drive in the wrong way (which I didn´t). Now I have learned, the hard way, to keep my iPhone at a distance of at least one metre from the Pegasus at all times. With this in mind, everything is honky-dory!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great match with the new Mac Pro

    • Written by James H from Merritt Island

    It did a lot of research and soul searching before diving in with this device. It's a great match with a new Mac Pro. The Thunderbolt 2 interface between the two devices is seamless. The Pegasus is configured at the factory for RAID 5, which is what I intended, so I really didn't have to do any configuration on it, except change the default device name for my own purposes. It took about 4 hours to do the initial RAID 5 sync and the system is still available for use during that time. I delayed heavy data transfer from old devices until the sync finished because using the system slows down the syncing process. After plugging in, the Pegasus does need to be attached to the Mac via the Thunderbolt 2 cable (included with the Pegasus). The Pegasus doesn't really come alive until it's attached to the Mac. The configuration utility (downloadable) has gobs of configurables and readouts. Once running, it's very fast. I'm using it for video rendering and this device certainly is not a bottleneck. I'm a happy camper so far!

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