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    HDMI out to MiniDisplay Port In? Not so much...

    • Written by Christopher S from Campbellcroft

    I was looking for a cable to connect an NEC display with MiniDisplay input to my MacBook Pro using the MBP's HDMI output. You might think that this cable would work. It does not. Seems to be a one way wonder.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Oddly, yet fully, inadequate

    • Written by David H from Cotati

    Bought this on the assurance of the rep that it would deal with at least 60hz, 4k, going from my 2015 iMac to a TV. TV does it fine, with Apple TV. It's been a few years since 4k external monitors have been a talking point at keynotes and WWDC. Surely the cable works on this fundamental level.

    No, it doesn't, and neither do any of the other mini-displayport to HDMI adapters currently available at the Apple Store. Not ONE of them. It's almost 2019, and the shelves and online store are stocked with nothing for this common adapter scenario that is adequate. 30hz refresh is a ghostly, fuzzy, flippy mess of a scenario. It's unpleasant, and bad for the eyes. That Belkin doesn't even make a better cable, and that the Apple Store doesn't bother to supply any of those that do exist, instead opting to offer 4 different adapters which will, under no circumstances, permit the display of 4k at a passable refresh rate, is mind-boggling.

    After a lot of research (this adapter was $50, not falling for it again), discovered that many cable makers do indeed make appropriate adapters. Some even make crazily forward thinking adapters that support HDMI 2.1 and the highest datarate possible, for future scenarios. I could have ordered online, but I needed a replacement while I have a day off, so the only one offered in a retail store is....Microsoft's Surface 2 Mini-Displayport to HDMI adapter. I just drove 2 hrs each way to get it from Best Buy. And...it totally works.

    Gross. What is the world coming to?

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    Dead within a year

    • Written by David L from Halifax

    Purchased Feb 15, 2017. Dead as a doornail Dec 11, 2017. RIP $50 cable. Should be able to give this a ZERO star review for dying in less than 10 months. Don't waste your money.

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    Doesn't work with some displays.

    • Written by James T from Adelaide

    Very disappointed with this product, the description promises plug and play usability but what it doesn't mention is that some displays do not support the use of the mini-display port. It works on my TV but doesn't work on my Samsung monitor.
    I tried doing the right thing - buying from the apple store instead of a cheap knock off for 5 bucks but it didn't pay off.

    Very, very disappointed considering the price of this cable. I will be looking to get a full refund.

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    Doesn't work

    • Written by Huw T from Lewes

    Doesn't work with MacBook. After receiving it and coming away to a hotel and using it for the first time. Reading fine print on box, not on description on Apple Store page, I haven't got the Thunderbolt 2 connection on my MacBook. Maybe something to bear in mind when buying this item.

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