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    Awesome for MacBook Pro Retina (2012) to newer 4K displays

    • Written by Robert B from Salem

    My ThunderBolt display finally bit the dust and I replaced it with the LG 27" 27UD69P-W 4K display. When I connected the enclosed HDMI cable, I was seriously disappointed. The refresh rate dropped to 30 and everything was slow and wonky. Then I searched the Apple Store and found this Belkin cable. It arrived just a few moments ago. I just connected one end to the display HDMI, and the other to my MacBookPro Mini Display Port. Eureka! I am back to the same crisp 27" display that I once had, and it did not require me to make any adjustments on the LG display.

    Color me happy! :)

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    Fixed the problem!!

    • Written by Dan S from Ulster

    with the new os x updates my videos played in a green tint with the hdmi cable so i tried this cable works great should have tried this awhile ago just make sure ur tv is 4k

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    Awesome buy!!

    • Written by Noah C from Elmvale

    The Belkin 4k Mini Display port is amazing!! Along with the mirroring display option (which HDMI cable's use), it also includes the ability to move applications windows into the separate connected monitor. This is really useful if you are using many applications at once or do not want to continually move screens around on your single computer display. For anyone who has an extra monitor available or wants to have more screen viewing space, I recommend this product.

    Very Impressed!!

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