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    Fantastic Microphone | Compact Size | Solid Build | Stellar Audio Quality!

    • Written by GREGORY L from Largo

    I was truly surprised at the simplicity and sleek design of this product. This is my first Shure Brand microphone and boy does it knock it out of the park. The clarity of the microphone is stellar and the price point, I feel, is well justified. You definitely get what you pay for with this item (in a very good way). I would suggest this microphone hands down for anyone wanting a well built, compact (travel friendly) microphone. If there was one thing I would suggest, it would be to purchase an additional USB extension cable as the one provided is not long enough for what I needed. These cable are cheap and in no way should hinder your decision in purchasing this product.

    Hope my review helps!

    *P.S.: I am also an owner of the Blue YETI microphone. While the YETI is great, there is a minor caveat. I would suggest the MV51 microphone over the YETI simply due to the high sensitivity of the YETI. The YETI does have its benefits but this simple caveat places the MV51 above it.

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