• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic Sound from the big guns in Microphone Sound Design Shure.

    • Written by Chris B from London

    I'm a big fan of Shure and this is really a fantastic mic, extremely tough build quality and it's heavy! all metal. Sound is fantastic with different DSP settings of which I prefer the "flat".
    Great for use as a desktop mic for FaceTime/Skype etc and equally great for lightning devices like iPad/iPhone.
    About a billion times better sounding than those Blue Snowball Yeti mic about on a par with the brilliant Apogee Mic which I also own but more versatile I think. I use professional mic with an Apogee Symphony I/O2 like the SM7B, SM57/58, VP88 etc etc I'm a sure fanboy for sure but this for convenience is a great mic, you could easily cut a track on this, acoustic instruments and vocals sound great when recorded in the flat setting and processed with Logic Pro or GarageBand.
    We are living in some great times when tools like this make creativity so easy. 10/10 Microphone. Also it's 25 quid cheaper from Apple than any other retailer in the UK.

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