• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Be Aware of the "Wireless" Limitations

    • Written by Tzi-Hsiung S from Cupertino

    Bought the Philips Hue starter kit. Tried it out for 10 minutes. Alas, what a let down. The bulbs are wirelessly connected/controlled. However, the bridge is HARDWIRED to the router with a ethernet cable! And it does not work without the ethernet connection. To me this defeats the purpose of being "wireless". WIll return it tomorrow.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Kit includes old 2nd generation bulbs

    • Written by Jay S

    I am a first time Hue user and set-up was easy and functionality of this starter kit was all very good. But, I am very disappointed to discover after my purchase that the kit includes the old 2nd generation bulbs (which don't produce rich / deep green or blue) even though the 3rd generation bulbs were launched 2 years ago in 2016. An important motivation to buy this kit is precisely that my wife and daughter wanted to experiment with blue and purple lighting.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Alana D from Hermosa Beach

    Don't waste your money. This product has probably worked for me a total of a couple of days over the years I've owned it. I've tried every possible troubleshooting tip I could find on the internet, and the system is unresponsive. Deleting the app, restarting the whole system, resetting the bridge, literally every possible thing. This is simply a big frustration and waste of money and time. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I'm upset that so much money went to waste. This product has a lot of potential, but it fails continuously.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    NOT 100% WiFi

    • Written by lester R from Denver

    I have to connect the Hue Bridge to the my router with an ethernet cord!! And keep it connected with the cord to work. Seriously in 2018.
    this is a joke. Should be clear in marketing materials on page this is the case. I just re read nothing about need to connect to router with cable and this must be stored within 3 feet of your router and also need access to additional outlet for this poorly designed bridge to work.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The bee's knees! Precision light!

    • Written by Lyle G from Spanish Fork

    Our lab does quality control of products whose appearance is a critical property. We photograph these products as part of the inspection process, so we needed light that was reproducible and controllable w.r.t. color spectrum.

    And that's exactly what these little rascals provide. We've got them in the copy stand that we use for photography. All of our technicians have access to the Hue app, and need only select the proper "scene" and take the photo. We've never had a problem with them, other than having to cajole our IT people to let the bridge onto the network after a recent security upgrade.

    On a personal level, I'd love to have these at home. Two of our daughters are licensed cosmetologists, and have a hair salon in our home. They specialize in high-quality coloring. I think having Hue lights overhead, and being able to adjust the color, would make it easier to assess the color of pre- and post-colored hair, and impress their clients with the obvious attention to detail and high-tech approach.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best buy of the year

    • Written by Olivier B from Quebec

    I have a small 1 bedroom apartment, and I've got HUE's all over the place. 3 in the living room, 3 in the dinning room, 1 in the kitchen and 1 in my room. The colored ones are my favorites. Pink and blue are beautiful. The blue color is blacklight-kind of. You can make them white, beige (regular lighting), or any color you want. Everybody that comes in, is freaking out! It's a bit pricy when you need to buy 8 lights at $ 50 each, but I think it's an investment.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Pretty good but not perfect

    • Written by David A from Cartlon

    I purchased the Philips Hue and found it good for the following:
    - Being able to set the colours in a room, in the manner of Jame Turrell or Dan Flavin
    - Have bedroom lights slowly come on in the morning to wake me up
    - Lights coming on just before I get home

    The setup was fairly painless, but had the odd hiccup that was fairly easily resolved with a bit of fiddling.

    Things to be aware of:

    - If you want to also use a normal light switch then the bulbs operate like a normal bulb and you can't turn them on automatically if the light switch is off (so you need to leave the switch on and turn them off with Siri or Home app or Philips Hue app).

    - I found not all colours are equal. Whites and colours with some red (orange through to purple) are strong and distinct. Blue is quite good but the greens appear faded.

    - if you turn the light off at the switch it forgets its colour and brightness setting (suggest improvement Mr/Ms Philips).

    - the automation relies on iPhone, etc. So if you have an iPhone and your partner does not then some of the automation may not work for them, eg getting home. In which case there is always the trusty light switch.

    The Hue system is attempting the ambitious activity of improving on a simple, effective and reliable product: light bulb and switch. This takes a lot of technology, it is 95% of the way there.

    The system is not cheap but I have this as an indulgence for the coloured light capability and am pleased with the results.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    AMAZING LIGHT SHOW! But Expensive!

    • Written by Eric A from Tucson

    So I bought these lights but in Generation 2 not 3. These lights are awesome! The price tag is high so is the quality of the light bulbs! The bottom part of the bulb is aluminium and the top is glass! The bridge is white plastic but still looks good! The colors are vibrant but I'm reviewing Gen 2 of the bulbs so these Gen 3 are even more vibrant! These lights are 800 Lumens which for a light bulb is very bright! When you sign up with Phillips Hue you can do geofencing, so when you get home the lights AUTOMATICALLY TURN OFF! When you come home the lights AUTOMATICALLY TURN ON! It's very cool! You can set specific timers, ETC. You can ask/tell Siri to turn off or on the lights, change Color! They can dance with music with only 3rd party apps that YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR! Which is not cool! Besides all that the lights are just breath taking and so is the price! I DO RECOMMEND GETTING THEM!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Smart Home Product!

    • Written by Evan F from Texas City

    I Have had HUE lights for about 3 years, and I still love them just as much as the day I bought them. Any little technical difficulties I've had, Phillips has been very responsive and helpful in fixing the issues. The Hue products have grown a lot since I first bought them and I still plan to buy more! They make life easier!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product and good features

    • Written by Brian N

    I couldn't expect anymore from this product. It does everything they say it does. I currently have 10 bulbs working throughout the whole house. Siri has been spot-on with my request and even the location triggers I have created, turns on a light if we get home after dark. The only issue I've had was related to a different device. I had to reset everything and setup these bulbs again. We can't wait to add more of these to rest of the house.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love This

    • Written by Andy C from Hong Kong

    Fantastic product and a breeze to set up. It also includes the new Bridge -- which removes the angst mentioned by others for this and other products in the Hue range. Gradually Hue-enabling the whole apartment with this as the starter kit - execution has been flawless which gives me the confidence to do this...

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Just didn't work at all.

    • Written by Dean P from Calgary

    I bought and returned this product twice thinking the first one must have been faulty. Both times it was set up according to instructions and the bridge would fail to connect with the app. When I searched online forums to learn more about the error I was getting I found out many more people have the same issue. Sad to take it back (again), but I see this is just not ready for primetime.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Tempting but terrible. Phillips remotely disabled our lights.

    • Written by Tom N from San Francisco

    Used to be a fan of Hue, and evangelized them to friends. Not Anymore. Phillips recently issued a software update that literally disabled the light bulbs in our home (six of ours had been working wonderfully all year – before they didn't because of their official software upgrade). We've spent hundreds of dollars with Phillips on Hue. And now half our lights don't work.

    Don't make the mistake we made in trusting Phillips, and stay away from Hue. It's not worth it.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not worth the trouble

    • Written by charles F from New York

    Philips Hue light bulbs are not ready for prime time.

    Here are my concerns and why I would never buy this again:
    Set up is flaky. bulbs are randomly available and then again not.
    App is not intuitive. Can't define color or brightness by bulb, only over 'scenes'
    Defining a schedule for lighting is not intuitive (settings are either in 'alarm'(?) or 'timer')
    Choosing colors is based on photos, if a photo is deleted then the color scheme is no longer available, seems gimmicky
    CONNECTION TO BRIDGE IS LOST - for days now I have not been able to connect to the bridge remotely, which defeats the purpose

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