• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Pretty good but not perfect

    • Written by David A from Cartlon

    I purchased the Philips Hue and found it good for the following:
    - Being able to set the colours in a room, in the manner of Jame Turrell or Dan Flavin
    - Have bedroom lights slowly come on in the morning to wake me up
    - Lights coming on just before I get home

    The setup was fairly painless, but had the odd hiccup that was fairly easily resolved with a bit of fiddling.

    Things to be aware of:

    - If you want to also use a normal light switch then the bulbs operate like a normal bulb and you can't turn them on automatically if the light switch is off (so you need to leave the switch on and turn them off with Siri or Home app or Philips Hue app).

    - I found not all colours are equal. Whites and colours with some red (orange through to purple) are strong and distinct. Blue is quite good but the greens appear faded.

    - if you turn the light off at the switch it forgets its colour and brightness setting (suggest improvement Mr/Ms Philips).

    - the automation relies on iPhone, etc. So if you have an iPhone and your partner does not then some of the automation may not work for them, eg getting home. In which case there is always the trusty light switch.

    The Hue system is attempting the ambitious activity of improving on a simple, effective and reliable product: light bulb and switch. This takes a lot of technology, it is 95% of the way there.

    The system is not cheap but I have this as an indulgence for the coloured light capability and am pleased with the results.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    AMAZING LIGHT SHOW! But Expensive!

    • Written by Eric A from Tucson

    So I bought these lights but in Generation 2 not 3. These lights are awesome! The price tag is high so is the quality of the light bulbs! The bottom part of the bulb is aluminium and the top is glass! The bridge is white plastic but still looks good! The colors are vibrant but I'm reviewing Gen 2 of the bulbs so these Gen 3 are even more vibrant! These lights are 800 Lumens which for a light bulb is very bright! When you sign up with Phillips Hue you can do geofencing, so when you get home the lights AUTOMATICALLY TURN OFF! When you come home the lights AUTOMATICALLY TURN ON! It's very cool! You can set specific timers, ETC. You can ask/tell Siri to turn off or on the lights, change Color! They can dance with music with only 3rd party apps that YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR! Which is not cool! Besides all that the lights are just breath taking and so is the price! I DO RECOMMEND GETTING THEM!

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