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    Why did we not Know this was here?

    • Written by Simon M from Canberra

    Awsome product. Apple, people wasting money on the Nintendo Switch, could be getting iPad Mini 4 and the this controller, and getting completly blown away. Combine a dock with the apple TV Merge the mini mac with the Dang Apple TV with a combo Drive, instant console killer. STEAM, mac, who know this is actually here? I Tell people this stuff, they all say the same thing "Really didnt know apple did that?

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    • Written by Gean B from Holliston

    Awesome product, easy to use and works for every game that I played, I really recommend this to everyone who wants to have an great experience with games, thanks!!!

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    Brilliant design, a little bulky to bag

    • Written by Brian S from Toronto

    I was somehow led to believe that the middle part folded up when the iPad mini wasn't inserted in order to save space, but that is not the case here. It's a thick elastic rubber flange between the controllers and it won't bend easily. However, it's not bad and I can adapt.

    But carry around your iPad mini with this device connected, in your hand and in public, and people will look. They don't know what they are seeing at first, but then they suddenly get it and think that this is something incredible. You know, most game controllers put your hands close together and this causes your hands to hold them with your thumbs at about 30 degrees. But with the Gamevice on an iPad mini your hands and arms should be straight ahead, which means directional movements with the thumbsticks should be more accurate and feel more comfortable. The sticks and buttons feel like the same quality as Xbox One controllers (non-Elite), which is a good sign for quality. The whole kit feels rugged and durable and well designed. The controllers double the weight of the iPad mini, so altogether it's around 600 grams or roughly one-and-a-half pounds. I didn't feel like holding the whole thing up at arm's length very often, so resting on a table, arm rest, or folded legs usually does the trick. Having said that, being able to hold an iPad mini with good hand grips is a whole new -- and I think superior -- experience.

    This device has "width stabilizers" rubber sliders to compensate for the millimetre difference between iPad mini 4 and its predecessors. The right controller has a slightly firmer hold of the iPad mini than the left one. This is because the right side has the lightning connector for added strength. I don't find that to be a problem or a weakness. It is just something that is noticeable. I am comfortable holding the whole rig from left controller.

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    Amazing Controller!

    • Written by Justin A from Simi Valley

    This is a premium product that serves as a great way to bypass annoying touch screen controls that never work. It's also super portable, allowing me to attach it to my iPad whenever I want. Finally, I love that Gamevice has an app that lists which games work with the controller and which buttons do what for each game. Definitely considering buying one for my iPhone!

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    Smooth as butter

    • Written by Justin C from Simi valley

    I'm really glad gamevice decided to use the lightning port as opposed to bluetooth to connect to my Ipad Mini. Controls are as smooth as Steph Curry's shooting while playing NBA 2k.

    Highly recommended!

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    • Written by Marquis M from Corpus Christi

    The timing of my controller and my phone were completely off. The keys would stick also. Waste of money if you ask me.

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