• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Expectations too high

    • Written by Mark C from Farragut

    I’ve had iPads since they were introduced and upgraded from iPad Air 2 with very high expectations of using a keyboard and the Pro and new iOS 11 for more “real work”. The only disappointment has been this keyboard / combo but I think it’s mostly due to my own inflated expectations. I’d been listening for some time to podcasts extolling the virtues of Logitech keyboards and I’d heard some of the issues with the Apple keyboard. So seeing the name for this one when ordering the 10.5 pro, I thought it’d be perfect. Backlight, full-stroke feel, etc. Here are my opinions/experience, some of which differ from many reviewers:

    + Keyboard “feel” when typing - pretty good. Better than other Apple keyboards I’ve had.
    + Backlighting - nice!
    + Full protection when both back and keyboard are closed around the iPad
    + I actually like the “lip” around the back case, because when you don’t have the keyboard connected, the screen is exposed and the lip gives me a bit more of a secure grasp when carrying the ipad. I’ve also dropped the iPad once (gasp) and the lip protected the screen.
    + Love, love, love the stand in the back that everyone keeps complaining about. Maybe it will get looser over time, that’s a worry, but it’s extremely sturdy now and very adjustable to a range of angles. I do not type on my iPads on my lap though. I always hated doing so with laptops as well and won’t do it. So yes, if you really like to type on your lap, this isn’t for you. But if you like to put it on a flat surface in front of you and adjust it to that “just right” angle for the viewing you prefer at that particular moment (table, countertop, airline tray table, on the bed beside you) it’s great! Other ipad stands I’ve had over the years force you to pick from just a few fixed elevation angles. And those sometimes wear out over time too.
    + I like having a secure place for the pencil. I’m really afraid of losing the darn thing. I can’t seem to hang on to any pencil or pen I use. I love the pencil too by the way — you gotta get one if you have a Pro.

    - Biggest frustration — by far — to me is the darn “lock screen” key in the upper right. I just can’t get used to it. Many’s the time I go to hit the delete key with my right pinkie and hit the lock screen key which is just above the delete. Extremely frustrating to be in mid-thought while typing and had the iPad go black and lock on you! Maybe over time I can retrain my fingers enough so that it isn’t much of a problem (I’ve had to get used to many keyboards over time including Apple’s own so I know I’m trainable). I currently cycle between 4 different keyboards between work, laptops, and ipad. None of the other 3 shut down on me if I hit the wrong key though... Right now I’d be much happier if I could disable it or change the functionality or triggering somehow. Maybe a double-tap to cause it to lock or something.
    - It is bulkier when closed than I thought it would be. My interpretation of “slim” is much slimmer anyway.
    - Ditto for weight. Heavier than I expected.
    - The plastic keyboard does feel a little cheap but not as bad as some imply.
    - No escape key. Now I’m not entirely sure that’s so bad with the iPad. I use it all the time with laptops and desktops, but the OS and applications tend to encourage it to get out of something. On the iPad you simply touch somewhere else. I’m still getting used to the keyboard/touch-the-screen sort of interaction needed with an iPad+keyboard so maybe with time that feeling of missing the escape key will go away.

    So, again, I think my own expectations led to my middling review. Over time I may come to love it as I get used to it. However the pro, OS 11, pencil along with the functionality of keyboard have me pretty happy right now!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Best case/keyboard combo available.

    • Written by J B from Jamaica

    I usually prefer to stick with Apple's own accessories, but they have no solution for protecting the back of my 10.5" iPad. I search through the web for hours. Logitech has the best solution, but I find their keyboard a bit thick, and there is a gap between it and the screen when closed.
    The Good:
    - Protects the back of the iPad.
    - Ports as easily accessible.
    - Keyboard does not need charging!
    - Apple Pencil holder
    - Built-in stand

    The Bad:
    - Case edges extrude upwards about 0.5 centimeters over screen surface. This gap increases between keyboard and screen when closed, adding to thickness and bulky appearance
    - Inner side of case is hard plastic. I will update if any crashes appear on the 'protected' side.
    - I don't like the fabric they used for the underside of keyboard. I think a rubberized material would be better. Also, some adding some rubber to the kick stand would improve grip.
    - Ergonomics... Imagine you are outside and just want to read on your iPad. You may pretend the keyboard is part of the book, or you will have to disconnect and place somewhere. Apple's keyboard can easily swing around to the back.

    Overall, there is no better option out there IF you need a keyboard AND full protection.

    Update: I ordered an Apple Smart Cover so I can leave the keyboard at the office and protect the screen.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not bad, not perfect

    • Written by Michelle H from Denver

    I've been using this keyboard/case for a little over a week now. After an initial "I'm definitely returning this" thought, I decided to give it a chance, and decided to keep it. The keyboard itself is extremely comfortable to use and easy to type on. Hooked up the new iPad 10.5" and the keyboard just starts working. I think I like the clamshell, it feels very sturdy. I don't like how because of the form factor of this, you can't use this on your lap like you can a laptop, and pretty much have to be sitting at a desk. The stand you need to open digs into your legs very uncomfortably. With that, I don't like that if I want to use this as an iPad I have to remove the keyboard and put it someplace, it doesn't just fold back. I also wish it was designed so I could put the Apple Smart Cover on when I am using it as an iPad since there's no screen protection. Although the iPad is pretty inset into the case so that's good.

    So overall I like it, but at the same time, there's some annoyances to me.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Returned Due to Weight

    • Written by Cameron B from Chicago

    I really wanted to love this case, but unfortunately it just weighs far too much. It takes away the entire reason I got an iPad in the first place, which is portability. The features were fantastic, and everything else about the keyboard case was great, but I returned on that one factor.

    If you can get past the weight, you will be very happy with it.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Bulky but totally fit for purpose

    • Written by Alex F from Sydenham

    Feels very safe in here! There is a large lip jutting out from the front of the screen all round, but I actually rather like it. It means the keys never come in contact with the screen even when closed, it's a couple of mm away, and I feel like and knocks or drops would not be an issue. Pencil holder is very secure. Keyboard is great, very responsive. If you don't mind the thickness, this is much better than apple's case for protection - and for a machine that costs close to £1000 I'd rather not have to worry about it!
    Also, the easily adjustable kickstand is a game changer. Best I've seen/used.

    Not very aesthetic, but for a machine designed to be a workhorse like this I'm more concerned with durability and functionality. Lost two stars for thickness and looks, but all round a solid investment for the 10.5.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Keyboard and buttons the highlight - other wise could do better...

    • Written by Peter L from Carlton

    When it works, the keyboard is arguably the best iPad keyboard ever - the keys are well placed, nicely crafted and have just the right amount of travel and feel. However, this is all spoiled by a dodgy connection. The keyboard communicates with the iPad via the smart connector and is held in place by magnets. Unfortunately, the connector becomes misaligned very easily and then the connection is lost. I use the iPad for making notes on the go and will often move from typing on a desk to typing on my lap and just transferring from one position to another is enough to shift the connector to the point where connection is lost. Most frustrating, but it's not all Logitech's fault - Apple obviously decided a more secure docking point (like the Surface Pro for example) would upset the smooth lines of iPad, but it's those smooth lines that allow the connector to slide around.

    Other than the smart connector issue, while it adds considerably to the bulk of the iPad, the build quality of this case is excellent - it's solid and scratch-resistant. Also, the power button is perfectly positioned - it's even easier to find and click than when the iPad is naked.

    Haven't had a problem with the kick stand - it just works without complaint.

    While Logitech Slim Combo is not intended to turn the iPad into a 'me-too' laptop (like many other keyboard cases), I am not keen on the the way the designer relies completely on the magnetic smart connector to keep the two parts of the case together. I got used to it (having to unfold it carefully so as not to pull it apart) but i don't feel I should be adapting my usage of the product just to align with the designer's lack of vision?

    In all, I'll keep the case for now but I am keeping a close eye on Zagg in the hope they will adapt their slim-book concept to the iPad Pro 10.5.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great keyboard and great back case.

    • Written by John R from Hammond

    I love the keyboard, its fantastic to type on.
    The Pencil holder is also great.
    Back case for the actual iPAD is also great and adds nice protection.
    The kick stand works awesome providing great angles for viewing movies and typing. Although portrait mode is a bit tippy.
    The buttons on the case work great, turning the iPAD on and off is easy and makes a nice click sound.
    When the keyboard is disconnected the iPAD still feels nice in your hand, making playing games still very good.

    So, why only 3 stars then?

    1. The keyboard comes detached from the iPad easily. I have drop the keyboard portion quite often because of it. I have a very small crack in the keyboard case because of it. I still want to be able to disconnect the keyboard, but not this easily.
    2. In some instance the keyboard becomes disconnected from the iPad (not working). When this happens you have to disconnect and reconnect the keyboard. Easy to solve, but still a pain.
    3. When closed, the keyboard twists and shifts on the iPAD. I think this is because of the cloth/rubber type hinge they are using to attach the magnet portion.

    Would I buy an other YES. But only because at the moment there are not other better options with all the same features.

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